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  • Member: Pysh
  • Title: ANIMEMOTIONS - Spirit Of Anime Promo
  • Premiered: 2016-07-09
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    • Linkin Park Opening
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  • Comments: This is a Mini AMV or say a Promo or better say a feel of what I want to create. I am yet to make such an AMV but I already had this one in my mind since long and wanted to make it on this particular Music. Some People may think it shows emotions of anime characters but this Promo is pretty different from that. It actually just showcases the states that anime presents which rises up Your emotions. Obviously these are not the only things Anime has 'cause anime is something more that cannot be explained. I couldn't include the moments of Happiness and Fun as it wasn't fitting the music. Anyway, at least that's not what this Promo is about... It is simply a mini amv that showcases some of the states that Anime presents.

    I am Aware that this Promo need Coloring and Effects but as am Yet to learn 'em... I cannot implement 'em. But I'm thinking of Remastering this Video once I learn 'em or also any Help would certainly be Great :) I hope You like this Promo and may it give some Ideas to make something Better and Unique.

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