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  • Member: AMV Strat
  • Studio: Aeon Studios
  • Title: Oasis
  • Premiered: 2016-05-12
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  • Song:
    • Alle farben She Moves feat. Graham Candy
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  • Comments: A story within a story. Our protagonist finds herself with a long face, without understanding why. All she knows is that to find the truth, one must search for it. Her ideal place, her utopia, is somewhere yet unexplored. Along the way she'll experience emotions such as excitement, eagerness, resignation, frustration... but nothing can stop her. Will she ever find that place? What if her real purpose is to understand what the world has to offer?

    This idea was based off the music video of "She Moves" by Alle Farben, but I felt as if that small story had more potential than what the video had to offer. I started looking back at the movies and shows I've seen during my life and I made a picture in my head, something that suited the song harmoniously. I made the backgrounds from scratch to materialize something different, something unique. After months of hard work, this is the result.

    This has been my most personal project to date due to what it represents: the protagonist represents my uneasy soul, always searching for new horizons, new challenges, and ironically doesn't feel comfortable in her comfort zone. The different backgrounds, colors and shapes play the part of the unlimited possibilities that creating has to offer. The person who closes the book at the end stands for the people who enjoy the result of their creation.

    That's why this video is dedicated to all of those restless souls that don't know, but dedicate their time to find out, what their life will bring next. Special thanks to Cases for the drawings that you can see in the second half of the video, to DinAniC, ZOD and Beniamin for their constant support and to all of those who believed in me while I was working on my project.

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