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  • Member: ThalesEditions
  • Studio: NL-TEAM
  • Title: Secret Drawing
  • Premiered: 2016-04-14
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  • Songs:
    • One Republic Secrets
    • The Piano Guys Beethoven's 5 Secrets
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  • Comments: In a country town lives a young artist called Anna. Unfortunately she was with a hard depression because her problems in family and with society where she live. But she didn't expect for a secret... Marnie, her favorite drawing that carried from childhood being her unique and best friend. Marnie appears for her somehow, however, Marnie only appears in Anna’s dream, being the real world some bored and horrible place for Anna, soon, her start to sleep more frequently. A lot of things happens between Anna and Marnie in this dramatic and emotional secret, Secret Drawing.

    Wow, this was an arduous and awesome edition. "When Marnie was There" was my choice just because the one republic's music, my brother showed it to me and when I listen I saw a giant relationship with the Ghibli's movie and through of lyrics I was building the story and mainly the project concept.
    The mainly objective was to show how some people see the world being in depression. Everything appear to be against you, the person gets to sleep with more frequently, the real world don't have more importance, the problems just not help and even the family trying to help, the sick person thinks that it's against her too. But, isn't just it, Marnie enters in the story as the Anna’s perfect version, without problems, the Anna opposite side, just like a drawing has to be. This secret becomes a differential in final of Anna depression, Marnie is like an imaginary friend that help her every moment in her life.

    About the Beethoven is that: He believed that art itself had "secrets" that had to be "forced into" in order to obtain art's highest level.
    This is more than sufficient to connect the fact of Marnie to have "own will" even being an art created by Anna. Basically it was my inspiration for this project concept. For an artist their arts aren’t only drawings/arts, are their emotions and secrets. So was born the phrase "The Arts reflects the author’s secrets."
    Secret Drawing is a project that has a powerful connection between the music, visual, story and the concept, not just the animation, but the typography, effects, color correction, etc... are included too. There are many things to write about yet, but it’ll become a bible if I keep…

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