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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Kusoyaro Productions
  • Title: Film
  • Premiered: 2001-08-10
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    • Cinerama Film
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  • Comments: My first video in over six months...completed in one marathon editing session.

    I'd had this video in my head for months before starting it. The video is very much driven by the song and its lyrics which, unfortunately, are a tad unintelligible. It has a lot of the same blurring of reality and fiction as the movie Perfect Blue, and the lyrics tell the story of a man who equates his affair with a woman (which may be all in his head) with scenes from a film. It's a nice twist on the Perfect Blue story.

    Here's a sample passage of the lyrics:
    "You swing your hips and then you wave me over,
    Your eyes are so blue.
    I stroke your lips, you call me Casanova.
    Oh darling, you...
    Star in this film
    Every single night
    Every single night and day.
    You should be here to bring it all to life,
    I'm just a phone call away."

    I really liked the creepy intimacy of the song, and the fact that its somewhat cheerful tone hides the darkness underneath. I changed the context of portions of both the song and the movie...for instance, in one passage of the song he sings about her "husband." I twisted the footage in the video so it looks like Mima has a husband who gets murdered by the stalker.

    I know this video probably won't be a big hit with viewers, but I enjoyed making it, and I like the story it tells.

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