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  • Studio: Toon Addict Productions
  • Title: Splat!
  • Premiered: 2016-04-04
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    • Splatoon One Minute Remains!
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    Finalist - Anime Mid-Atlantic 2016 (Upbeat)

    "Splat!" was an AMV concept that I had around the time I was working on Yonkoma Heaven. Around the same time I was editing that video, Splatoon had just come out, with me picking up the game (and the Amiibo 3-Pack) myself. After playing the main mode (aka online multiplayer), a few times and watching an episode of Hello! Kiniro Mosaic which involved a scene where Yoko gets involved in a squirt gun fight with her younger siblings, an idea popped up in my head involving a video similar to Snowball Genocide that would have various anime squirt gun fights set to the music in Splatoon that plays when there's one minute left in a regular online match.

    Originally, my plan was to have "Splat!" be my follow-up video to Yonkoma Heaven. However, the video hit a major snag: the online multiplayer mode eventually frustrated me to the point where I stopped playing Splatoon all together. As a consequence of this frustration, the Splatoon-inspired AMV project wound up being shelved. Eventually, I started to regain some interest in Splatoon in terms of the characters (with me ordering a plushie of one of the Squid Sisters during the holiday season and picking up a squid pillow at Katsucon). Some time later, I learned about how a couple of AMV Contests were looking for videos that can fit the theme of "video games", and that gave me an opportunity to revive the "Splat!" project.

    Getting the video done in time wasn't easy, as I needed to find some additional footage to use for the video (I already had some ideas of which titles I was going to use, but felt it wasn't enough), had to figure out a way to make the clips flow with the video (although I already had some clip placement plans in place from when I initially worked on the video in Summer 2015), and the fact that I had a busy winter schedule that includes two cons/festivals on back-to-back weekends and a week-long trip to Disney World. As such, I ended up missing the initial deadline I had in place to have the "con" version of the video ready. However, I managed to get it finished in time for the second deadline.

    -Sony Vegas 11
    -SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV
    -Adobe Photoshop 7.0

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