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  • Member: xSnowflakes
  • Studio: Fidelity Studios
  • Title: Eternal Legacy
  • Premiered: 2016-02-03
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  • Song:
    • Saycet Sunday Morning
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  • Comments: This was my video for round 2 of AMV org AMV Roulette. We were required to edit a Drama/Sentimental video with electronic music and 10 seconds of DRAGONS! I loved this round. xD

    So dragons = I immediately thought of Final Fantasy and Drakengaard. So thus this was born.

    I actually really wanted to edit this song for Crows IC, so I'm really happy I could come back to it. Also can thank Bryan (magicflierrawr) for inspiring me with his video Watching his video pretty much reminded me about this song xD


    So the video itself is about the fragility of life? But also the memories of friendship, love and bonds that carry you through. (So deep, LOL)

    The first part shows how fragile human life is, death whether that be by natural causes, war, or murder, and the impact of the loss.

    The memories section of this video was supposed to represent something lighthearted, really fragile and delicate but warm and full of hope. My dragons were supposed to be part of the world - and also friends (Valefor from FFX is totally a dragon in this video thank god no one questioned it) xD

    And the last part after the memories section during the voice over represents a crashing back to reality, where the characters have to move on from the loses - not forgetting who they lost but rather.. carrying it upon their shoulders to make them stronger.

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