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  • Member: dussydelf
  • Title: Shion a demandé à la lune
  • Premiered: 2003-07-04
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    • indochine J’ai demandé à la lune
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  • Comments: (lecteurs francais: allez sur pour une description du clip en francais!)

    This may be my best AMV to date. It is the first time I use footage from only one anime, the first time I use a French song, and the first time I do some lipsync. I'm overall quite happy with how the video turned out!

    I finished 14th out of 30 at the Paris Japan Expo AMV Contest, but I knew that action, comedy and video-game MVs would beat mine easily (there are no categories yet in French contests). The winner vids were great though, I can't wait to DL them off!

    When I first heard this song, I immediately had the idea of making an AMV to Please Save My Earth (read the lyrics translation and you'll understand if you know the series: a man telling the Moon about his love life problems...) The video follows the point of view of Shion. There are no big spoilers as it is the main plot of the story from the beginning.

    Rin (the young boy with violet hair) remembers his previous life on the Moon as Shion (the dark-haired bishonen) and suffers with all the sad memories coming back. First Shion's childhood during the war, when he lost everyone he loved, then Shion's difficult encounter with Mokuren (the blond lady, reincarnated in the typical japanese girl Alice). They argue a lot, then fall in love, but their happiness doesn't last long as a virus kills them both. Rin tries to find happiness with Alice now, but it is a bit difficult... I tried to add a positive note to the end of the video. ^__^

    I thought the lyrics of the song followed this story quite well, with first a male singer (representing Rin/Shion), then at the end a duo with a young girl (representing Alice who joins her feelings with Rin's). I tried to translate them, I hope it does convey the meaning and feelings well enough (please correct me if my english version doesn't sound good):

    Indochine - J'ai demandé à la lune

    J’ai demandé à la lune
    Et le soleil ne le sait pas
    Je lui ai montré mes brûlures
    Et la lune s’est moquée de moi...
    Et comme le ciel n’avait pas fière allure
    Et que je ne guérissais pas
    Je me suis dit "quelle infortune"
    Et la lune s’est moquée de moi...

    - I asked the moon
    - And I didn't tell the sun
    - I showed her my burns
    - And the moon laughed at me...
    - And as the sky didn't look good
    - And I wasn't healing
    - I told myself 'that is such a misfortune'
    - And the moon laughed at me...

    J’ai demandé à la lune
    Si tu voulais encore de moi.
    Elle m’a dit "j’ai pas l’habitude
    De m’occuper des cas comme ça".
    Et toi et moi
    On était tellement sûrs
    Et on se disait quelquefois
    Que c’était juste une aventure
    Et que ça ne durerait pas...

    - I asked the moon
    - If you still wanted me.
    - She told me "I'm not used to
    - Taking care of such cases".
    - And you and I
    - Were so completely sure
    - And we sometimes told ourselves
    - That it was only an affair
    - That could not last very long...

    Je n’ai pas grand chose à te dire...
    Je n'ai pas grand chose pour te faire rire...
    Et j’imagine toujours le pire
    Et le meilleur me fait souffrir...

    - I don't have much to tell you...
    - I don't have much to make you laugh...
    - And I always imagine the worst
    - And the best makes me suffer...

    I may possibly sometime make a subtitle file to go along with it for non-french-speaking persons (and for people who would like to karaoke on the french lyrics!)

    Indochine vids are quite rare (I only know of one other), and PSME vids are quite scarce too, so I wanted to do something good with this material!

    I spent a few weekends working on this vid, even if it had been in my mind for almost a year. I did a lot of work frame by frame, on the lipsync and on some scenes that I shortened or modified, and I'm happy to see most of it is invisible (well, the video is not perfect yet, maybe I'll work on an improved version some day)

    Many thanks to my boyfriend for helping me with technical stuff (encoding and such, I'm very bad at it).

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