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  • Member: Trenzilla
  • Title: Death in Eden
  • Premiered: 2016-02-24
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    • Breaking Benjamin Ashes of Eden
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    During my time going to my seasonal job around Christmas time, I was (and still am) listening to a lot of Breaking Benjamin's new album "Dark Before Dawn" while going to work. I fell in love with the song "Ashes of Eden" and I starting thinking of a AMV to edit to this song. I finally decided to go with Death Parade because I truly enjoyed this anime as well as I felt the song fit the anime. Once I was done with my seasonal job, I started the AMV, but I was having such a hard time starting it and getting it to a way I would be proud. I took breaks, walked away from it and even tried to start a new AMV in the hopes of ideas to come to me. Finally I decided to edit the part I knew how I wanted it to come out and rest of AMV just came together after that. I'm happy with the way it came out especially after a month of fighting to get it to work :)

    *Best Drama at Otakon 2016
    *Finalist at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2016
    *Finalist at Anime Evolution

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