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  • Member: shorisquared
  • Studio: Tsunderbird Studios
  • Title: He lies
  • Premiered: 2015-10-01
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    • Kasarinchu High High High
    • MetLife Hong Kong My dad's story: Dream for My Child
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  • Comments: This was my first attempt at making a sentimental AMV and the first video I made right after joining the editing studio, Tsunderbird Studios. When I first saw the MetLife PSA on Facebook, I cried my eyes out. It was then I knew I had to make something out of it. Iíd watched all of Usagi Drop to make this and Iím really glad I did because that anime is one of the most adorable ones Iíve ever seen. Itís definitely in my top 10 list and you should check it out sometime if you havenít already. Hopefully, I made a decent enough story and picked the right scenes to really pull on your heartstrings. I just hope I didnít beat you too hard over the head with my sentimental video, haha. I just wanted to make people have the feels. Anyways, grab yourself a box of tissues and enjoy!

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