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  • Studio: Toon Addict Productions
  • Title: Kitty Love
  • Premiered: 2015-11-30
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    • Lindsay Rae Spurlock As For Now
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    Finalist - Ohayocon 2016 (Romance)
    Finalist - Anime Boston 2016 (Romance)
    Finalist - Anime Expo 2016 (Sentiments)

    To me, Acchi Kocchi is one of those titles I wished I got into sooner. Initially picking up the show at Otakon 2013 based on the cute images I saw of the show's female lead, Tsumiki, I didn't even bother to start watching the discs until I was working on Yonkoma Heaven and, after reading about how it was based on a 4koma manga, I checked out Acchi Kocchi for possible footage to use in that video. Within a few episodes, this quickly became a popular title for me thanks to the same type of elements that usually have me watching yonkoma anime in the first place: lots of cuteness (be it Tsumiki or Hime) and tons of comedy (i. e. that one episode that I refer to as the "Pedobear" episode). Eventually, I decided that simply using it in Yonkoma Heaven wasn't enough and I really wanted to give Acchi Kocchi its own AMV.

    At first, I considered having the AMV focus on some of the sillier aspects of the series. However, after seeing a couple of AMV's at Otakon this year that I would consider to be "lighthearted romance", I felt that this type of video would work better for Acchi Kocchi, as one of the main focuses of the show involves the romantic feelings that Tsumiki has for the male lead, Io. With the basic idea of what type of video I want to make out of the way, the next task was to find a song that would fit the series.

    Luckily, I was find a good song to use while at Anime USA 2015. While having lunch at the nearby McDonald's on Friday afternoon, I was listening to Lindsay Rae Spurlock's "As For Now" as it played on the restaurant's "Muzak" system. Paying attention to the song's lyrics, I realized that the song would fit perfectly with the romantic situation of the series in that Tsumiki is very much in love with Io, yet, while does have some sort of feelings for her, his obliviousness to the situation currently has their relationship status stuck as "just friends". Thus, after finding out the name of the song online and making a memo of the idea to ensure I don't forget about it while at Anime USA, I started work on the video immediately following the convention, with the following video being the end result.


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