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  • Member: You Know Who really
  • Title: Billco 53rd Lightning Guard Promo
  • Premiered: 1990-00-00
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    • Norio Maeda Crusher Joe Theme
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  • Comments: This video really isn't an AMV but it has anime in it.
    It is a promo for the "Billco 53rd Lightning Guard". This was our company name my friends & I had when playing Battletech. WAY back when it was a simple game. Before FASA came out with all of the "additions" to the rules and made it a sloppy mess...but that is another rant.
    Anyway when we were running a battletech game at conventions we would have this playing on a loop along with a video promoting the tournament we were running.

    Anyway you should recognize most of the anime in the vid. Mainly Macross & crusher joe


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