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  • Members: AMV Strat, xDeuz
  • Studio: Aeon Studios
  • Title: Beyond Oblivion
  • Premiered: 2015-11-01
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  • Song:
    • Nightcall Dead V
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    A person who doesn't know where he goes... is he dead? Why other persons can't see him? Who is that girl and why he feels that is different from others? he has to discover it for escaping from oblivion.

    Strat: This collab has been made in 3 hard days for SpeedProof IC contest.
    We had a lot of problems because of our idea was very ambitious for an Iron Chef, but we could communicate it very well and thanks to it we avoided other complications. We had no time for a beta between us but that doesn't mean we didin't help each other finding scenes, preparing mask etc. The trust in ourselves was very important all the days. I took advantage of the IC for testing new stuff, so I'm very happy with all the result. Thanks to xDeuz I've could learn a lot in a low time, I won't forget this.

    xDeuz: Thanks for watching Beyond Oblivion;)
    make this Amv with dedication, I like in many ways, but especially editing with Strat (Uge) to achieve the end result, I'm lazy and some people know that, but the music has been inspiring and motivating, Thanks gabberMD (Dani) to add the song to SpeedProof IC New Edition, Thtat's why this AMV is dedicated to you (Hug) See ya soon

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