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  • Member: PeacefulSymphony
  • Title: I had to let you go.
  • Premiered: 2015-10-30
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    • Anathema Untouchable Part 2
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  • Comments: The idea to start this project came to me one day when I was listening to music on my phone and as the song (which I edited to) started to play I began to visualise the different scenes from the anime that I could use and how I could tell my own story through the use of the song and anime. I usually get the best type of inspiration usually very early in the morning or late in the evening and the idea probably came to me because I listened to the song almost first thing in the morning and viola, my mind started to go crazy with ideas.

    Originally, the AMV was only going to be about 1 minute long but the story began to pour out of me as I spent more and more time editing the video and its story, along with the message behind it began to grow which resulted in the video becoming longer than I had intended. Which I am glad about because I feel like it has been too long since I've edited a full video.

    I know that the anime is one that has been edited by quite a few people (and really, who can blame them when an anime series or film is well-received) but ever since I first watched the anime 3 years ago I have been able to make more and more connections with the story of it from the experiences I've had over the past 3 years. I may not be able to relate to the characters solely but there are certain aspects of the story which are very relatable for me and that was why this anime was my first choice to edit to for the story I wanted to tell with it.

    Through the anime and the song, I tried to tell the story of how love even if it is real and pure is not easy and because there are certain complications such as miscommunication or a lack of returned feelings, it can become difficult and almost unbearable.

    The contrast between loving someone and then feeling like you hate them because of the torture they have put you through from the memories they have only left for you to hold onto and how these memories can become clouded and distorted by all of the feelings that are associated with them is also another theme of the story and something I feel contributes to making the story feel more like a 'film' is that you end up playing the memories over and over in your brain until you believe that you have seen every single detail that they include and the 'film' is no longer able to give you the familiarity it once did after you played it over for yourself.

    The different attempts to communicate with someone are also a significant theme throughout the story and the different ways that the characters try to communicate with each other has various symbolism behind it.
    There are so many ways that you can communicate with a person, you can send them messages or call them with a cell phone, you can write them a letter or a poem expressing how you feel to them or you can meet them face to face and communicate how you feel maybe without saying anything at all and just trust that through the emotions conveyed by your expressions that they are able to understand how you feel.
    However, it is important to be aware of which forms of communication are more painful and which ones are easier for you to detach yourself from emotionally.

    It is not always easy to communicate with people, but if you are able to communicate with them without any complications then they will know how you feel.

    How the characters tell each other how they feel about themselves and their future together at the end of the story is meant to be ambiguous and left to interpretation as to whether the final message was expressed through a letter or a cell phone call.

    Letting go of someone who you once loved so much can be a very challenging lesson to learn however, I believe that people come into our lives for different reasons and one of those reasons could be to help us learn something from the experience they offer to us. The people that end up leaving us could be the ones who teach us important lessons without actually telling us and it can be very painful to learn this way but it can also be very effective and helpful for the future.
    One of the biggest challenges for me as a person was to create my own closure and it can be hard, it can be so hard when you feel like you have been left without any type of reasoning but then you are left with the choice to come up the reasons and answers yourself, which can lead to them haunting you for a while. However, having to create your own closure can be a very useful and vital experience that you may use later in life and although at the time I viewed having to go through what I did as something negative, I see it now as something positive and I think that is when you are able to create your own closure.

    If a person really loved you, they would not want your lingering feelings for them to prevent you from going after your dreams and hopes and that is one of the reasons why you should move on. Not for them, not for yourself but for both of you so that you know that you are giving yourself and hopefully them some peace of mind.

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