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  • Member: Legionair
  • Title: The Man Song
  • Premiered: 2001-07-29
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    • Sean Morey The Man Song
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  • Comments: I actually hated this song up until the point when I started making this video. Whenever it would come on the radio, I would immediately change the channel. That changed when I happened to hear it on the car radio and was in the middle of something and not able to change the station.

    After just a couple of lines, clips of Ranma starting popping into my head. Which meant I had to do the video.

    I initially contemplating using a number of different animes, but decided that Ranma was just too perfect a fit for this song. So I forced myself to stick to just using those clips. It's actually harder to find clips of Akane beating the living daylights out of Ranma than you'd think.

    I did a handful of digital effects for this video... The thought bubble over Ranma's head, the captions on Genma's signs, etc.

    It took about three days of actual work to finish, spread out across a week.

    * Best Concept, Anime Festival Orlando, 2001

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