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  • Member: Jedinovice
  • Studio: Bit Seven productions
  • Title: "Doctor Okabe" - to 'Doctor Who'
  • Premiered: 2014-07-24
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    • Glynn/Gold Doctor Who theme remix
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  • Comments: OK, I was watching 'Stein;s gate' and went, "Hang on! Okabe is 'The Doctor!'" I did a check on youtube (I did know about this site back then) and found lots of rock AMV's for Stein;s gate but not the single most obvious - to me anyway - AMV needed! I rushed to complete this AMV even before I had seen the whole series through! I am very pleased with the result, one of the few AMV's that came out exactly as I intended.

    Hardware: A 1.86 dual core celeron ASUS laptop (since destroyed by dodgy builders next door!) with 2GB of RAM and 250GB HD.
    Software: Kdenlive 0.9.6 running under Mint Linux 17.0 KDE edition. I thought it was worth mentioning. :-)

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