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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Gurren Lagann Orchestral
  • Premiered: 2015-10-10
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  • Songs:
    • Danny Elfman Opening (Terminator Salvation)
    • Don Davis Men in Metal
    • Harry Gregson-Williams Father and Son
    • James Horner All Systems Go - The Launch
    • Queen Don't Stop Me Now
    • Steve Jablonsky The All Spark
    • Steve Jablonsky You're A Soldier Now
    • Trevor Rabin Theme from Armageddon
  • Anime:
  • Comments:
    This AMV has been in the works for a long, long time and until 5 months ago i wasn't even sure if i would ever get to release this. Gurren Lagann was supposed to be the Anime for my third main AMV. Now it's my twentieth. In my first main project Rebirth - The Second Chance there is a short Gurren Lagann easter egg around 0:30 which was meant as a teaser. But i didn't envision this beast to become the actual project. And not for it to take this long either.

    In early 2009 is was experimenting with cutting music. This was way before FACTION. I had a lot of fun putting together a mix for various bands or genres. So at one point in February 2009 i did cut some soundtracks and got this mix. I didn't plan on using it for anything. I just liked to listen to it. And then 2 days later i went out with some friends, got wasted. returned home and edited the whole evening through. There i laid down what would later become the first minute. I had the AMV basically mapped out and what you see today is very much what i had in mind back then. And so i continued for a couple more days and basically finished the first 3 minutes. At which point i didn't know how to proceed.

    Doing a 10 min AMV seemed ridiculous. And who would want to watch that? So i thought about cutting the AMV and only release the first 3 min. Or release the AMV in parts. But i loved the mix so much that i didn't want to split it up. And neither do it in parts. And i already had a pretty sweet concept. So i stuck to my guts and decided to let it rest a bit and finish it later/whenever i felt like it.

    But it became clear to me not long after that this wasn't that easy. There were so many scenes to collect. So many difficult parts that i couldn't really figure out. So many Gurren Lagann AMVs already out there. Which led to slow/no progress for years to come. But every once in a while when i felt like it i would open the project. Be it to edit or just watch the already finished parts. I fell in love with the project. I couldn't bring myself to drop it. Or rush it through. It became my mission, regardless of how long it would take me.

    So i started with the imported US DVDs. Back in 2009 i had no idea how to filter properly. So i used a bunch of Deen and did quite a few other mistakes. But in May 2015 i decided to finally switch for the Blu-Rays. Mainly because the project files looked really fucked up. And that meant REPLACING EVERY SCENE i had edited and EVERY MASK. Took me 5 whole days to switch 7 minutes of old scenes in sum. But man i was so happy afterwards. A bunch of work but in retrospect the best decision to go for smooth 1080p.

    The original mix from February 2009 was 8:38 min long. After finalizing my concept i decided to spend more time at the space part. So in June 2009 i added two songs (Matrix and Terminator) and extended the mix to the current 9:42. Because i knew that this would not be enough to include the wedding i decided to use the wedding as credits instead. As for the credits song i picked Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. This is not by chance but an homage to Burning Spirit by AquaSky. It would've probably been more obvious if I finished faster.

    Of course the idea of the long AMV is not new. People did it before me. Two main inspirations that convince me on going further were Desiderium by Kevmaster and Deus Machina - The Abyss Of Mankind by Bauzi.

    - Mix Created
    - Edited 0:00-3:16
    - Edited 3:16-3:55
    - Credits Song Cut
    - Mix Extended
    - Edited 3:55-4:01
    - First Beta
    - Edited 4:01-4:04
    - Edited 4:20-4:48
    - Edited 5:13-5:20
    - Edited 6:34-6:55
    - Edited 8:12-8:17
    - Edited 4:04-4:20
    - Edited 4:56-5:04
    - Edited 6:15-6:34
    - Edited 6:55-9:18
    - HD Remaster 0:00-1:13
    - HD Remaster Finished
    - Editing Finished
    - Beta testing

    This list only includes the milestones of the project. I revisted the project on many occasions throughout the years and did some minor fixing here and there. Of those changes i do have no record.

    - Sony Vegas 7/12/13
    - Adobe Photoshop CS6
    - VirtualDub
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Special thanks to my betatesters:
    ceddic and Sojiro

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