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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Second Chance
  • Premiered: 2015-09-04
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    • Avicii The Days
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  • Comments: I believe it has been another 3 years since I made a video. Seems about time for another one! Heh Heh.. Actually I've been mostly sitting on this one since sometime around last January so I went ahead and sent it to AWA and NDK for some motivation, so here it is... finally. ^^

    When I first started making AMVs sometime in 2004, Inuyasha was the content in the majority of my videos. I made so many I lost count, all in varying degrees of terrible quality, churned out from Windows Movie Maker. I had an amazing time making them though - Inuyasha is such a rich and amazing source, and an anime that has stayed with me for years. Eventually I moved on to better software, and maybe mistakenly "better" content.

    That was then. Today I edit professionally, and my days and often weekends are consumed with countless editing projects and I make maybe one AMV every three years. I think I've forgotten how much fun they are, so with this one I really wanted to go back to my roots and make something where I didn't care how crisp and clear the footage is, or how many effects I can force into a 3 and a half minute video. This video, for me, is just about the raw emotion that Inuyasha holds, and I wanted to pull it out, and share it with anyone else who wants to watch. And I can truly say I haven't had this much fun editing something in a long time! :)

    I was looking for a song that felt right for Inuyasha for a while, and this one really jumped out. I think it's able to bridge the gap nicely between Inuyasha's relationship with Kikyou and eventually with Kagome.

    Hope you guys enjoy!


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