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  • Member: tayuyagirl
  • Title: Concrete Kid
  • Premiered: 2015-10-04
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    • Zack Hemsey Redemption
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  • Comments: The first minute of this video was originally made for a competition to make a trailer back in 2012. I always wanted to extend it (since the limit on the competition was 1 minute) but technical difficulties got in the way and I had to drop it. Flashforward to this year and those technical issues have been resolved and I was finally able to edit the rest of it, and I'm very happy with it. I had about 75% of this video done in no time, but the last 25% were a pain in my butt, and even after I filled in the timeline (in July!) I still spent a couple months tweaking it. I'm still not completely satisfied with parts of it, but I like it as a whole.
    Originally I kept editing it as a trailer, but it slowly changed into more of a character profile for Black over time. It still retains a lot of the trailer aspect though, I think.
    I made some editing faux-pas' here, but I hope you can overlook them in their context. Especially the clip that runs for 20+ seconds uninterrupted. But as always, feedback and critique is always welcome.

    Played at the Otakuthon 2015 AMV contest in August.

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