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  • Member: Feetme
  • Title: Firing the (Bass) Cannon
  • Premiered: 2015-10-01
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    • Excision & Downlink Existence VIP
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    This is my first AMV!

    The concept for this video began way back in December 2013 while seeing Eva 1.0 for the first time, and after two scrapped projects, a software conversion, and much procrastination, it's finally finished. I set out to accomplish two things with FTBC:

    1. Retell the events at the end of Eva 1.11 while still keeping the story both cohesive and coherent.
    2. Not to use any effects other than the basic tools allotted in my editing software of choice (Premiere Pro).

    I find many AMVs nowadays are just flashy strobing clips doctored up with motion interpolation and other effects without any greater ambition than being a visual treat and eye candy. These are cool; I love them. But because they are so common, I figured I try a different approach to individuate mine (and because my skills are nowhere near polished enough)! Also, all of the audio is from my song of choice -- no extra sound effects were added.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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