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  • Title: Beatrix Kiddoz
  • Premiered: 2015-09-30
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    • Fall Out Boy Uma Thurman
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    After much consideration I decided to edit to this weird new FOB song.. made during the summer I figured it would just be a loose summertime video, and I'd just kinda do whatever, then after doing some late research on the song I found that I wasn't too far off with the meaning.. the song was used in a pepsi commercial, and is a tribute to Uma Thurman as an actress. And so is this video! Except the drink I'm advertising is coca-cola, apparently.

    For the main sources I was looking for anime that had a similar style. I started off with Gainax and had to throw KLK in there as well (which is a Gainax offspring). Mekakucity Actors ended up being apart of this just cause I like the studio and it kinda worked well with the dance aspect I originally had with this.

    My best description of this would probably be that it's about some kids wanting to be like the strong fictional characters they see on tv.

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