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  • Members: FinalSouls, projectanime00
  • Studio: Aphoic Virtuosity Studios
  • Title: The Seeking Mep
  • Premiered: 2015-09-27
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • The Seeking Alone
    • The Seeking Change My Ways
    • The Seeking How Did You Know ?
    • The Seeking Narrow Lines
    • The Seeking Only a Moment
    • The Seeking Restless
    • The Seeking So Cold
    • The Seeking Take It From Me
    • The Seeking You Won't Being Me Down
    • The Seeking Yours Forever
  • Anime:
  • Comments:  photo mep 1_zpsmj1vag5o.jpg
    An idea of which anime are in the MEP Enjoy

    PERSONAL NOTE: I had to reduce the size of the video to certain to a degress since the file it's self was 250MB I manage to size it up to what you see. . so the quality may seem a little poorly it's still at HD Thought

    I finally was able to finish my long term project i had the idea for it back in 2014, however I couldn't find time or editors interested in it,since I was busy with other things.i did the mixing myself in the same order you see in the list below screen. We tried not over do it with the effects so it won't have that schlocky look to it . I like to thank projectanime00 for helping me with MEP I truly appreciate it. Do to that help this MEP come out good. Since the anime fit the songs in flow and time. Thanks for taking the time to check out this video hope you enjoy it Hope to be able join more MEP in the future for those who need with their stuff , my profile is always there up and running

    This is the one and only album these guys have as far as I know,since the band break up
    anything hope you enjoy my mix combo

    Track 1
    Anime: Dream Eater Merry
    Song: only a moment
    Editor: projectanime00

    Track 2
    Anime:wolf's Rain
    Song: yours forever
    Editor: finalsouls

    Track 3
    Editor projectanime00

    Track 4
    Anime: Air, Air Movie,
    Song: you won't being me down
    Editor Finalsouls

    Track 5
    Anime: pokemon origins
    Song; narrow lines
    Editor projectanime00

    Track 6
    Anime : future dairy
    Song: so cold
    Editor Finalsouls

    Track 7
    Anime : attack on titan
    Song: change my ways
    Editor projectanime00

    Track 8
    Anime : shakugan no shana
    Song: take it from me
    Editor Finalsouls

    Track 9
    Anime toradora
    Song how did you know
    Editor projectanime00

    Track 10
    Anime : samurai x trust and betrayal
    Song alone
    Editor Finalsouls

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