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  • Member: Koopiskeva
  • Studio: Random Destination Studios
  • Title: Follow My Lead (FML)
  • Premiered: 2015-09-27
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    • Girl's Day Female President
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  • Comments: Welp, it seems I'm back into it. O:

    I started this around November 2014 (actually I had a different video idea a month prior), and it has been quite a journey with this one. Fun fact - my daughter Mae was not even born yet when I started this. How things change. :P

    In 2014, I was getting back into watching anime and had joined the Quickening contest to shake off some editing rust. I quite enjoyed the process again, so I wanted to make a full video on my own once more. I saw this show called 'Baka and Test' (which seems pretty underused actually), and loved it. I wanted to make a quick and fun video (sounds familiar...).

    My wife Grace had always been listening to k-pop so I've been pretty bombarded by it for many years now. I asked to see if she could find me a fun song to edit with. Watching the Youtube show 'EatYourKimchi,' she found this song for me called Telepathy by Girl's Day. I was pretty excited to start my video with it. As I started the prepwork for editing, I decided to listen to other Girl's Day songs just for background music..... and then Female President came on. I was hooked.

    So, a crazy idea came into my head to recreate the actual dance version of the music video (precursor was that I made a quick stop motion video for the Quickening). I kinda knew what I was in for (hence why I named this video before starting - fml) - but I really had no idea just how ridiculously time-consuming and maddening it would end up being. Truly FML.

    Just a little about the premise of the vid - (for the amv version that is - a dance-only video is to come)
    Feel free to look up the lyrics/translation of the song, but it is about telling girls to not be afraid of making the first move on a guy. So basically, the Baka and Test girls visit the SOS Brigade for some help with 'boy problems.' Nothing really complex here. :P

    Mentor - Haruhi (Sojin), Student - Minami
    Mentor - Mikuru(Minah), Student - Mizuki
    Mentor - Tsuruya (Yura), Student - Shoko
    Mentor - Yuki (Hyeri), Student - Hideyoshi(?)

    Here's some of the prep work for the stages I built and a shot of the filming setup-

    The shooting actually did take place at 24fps, but had to cut back on frames as it would look too jittery. Quick movements end up looking better - difficult to make finer movements at a slower pace. On average, took about 30 minutes to an hour to film 1 second of video, depending on the complexity, how many figmas were moving, if they fell and I ended up cursing the world, etc.

    Anyways, here's the end result of a year of filming/editing. I learned so much in this process (both in production and post), and love how it turned out, that I can definitely say that it was worth it. Would I ever make another stop-motion video? I'm not sure. I need a break again. :P


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