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  • Member: PeacefulSymphony
  • Title: [乗る] Get up again
  • Premiered: 2015-09-17
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  • Song:
    • Barcelona Get Up
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  • Comments: I feel like our bond is once in a lifetime
    When we met, I was so blown away,
    I am sure you felt the same.
    I was enchanted by your beauty and light
    When the pain seemed unbearable
    Your kindness and love
    Taught me to be brave
    You reassure me
    That it is always alright to cry
    I love you.

    I made this AMV as a birthday present for one of my closest and most precious friends.
    The fact that I decided to use the anime NANA and that I used the characters of Nana and Hachi to portray the relationship and feelings behind the AMV is largely significant because out of all the animes I have seen. The friendship shared between Nana and Hachi and the uniqueness of their bond reminded me the most of the type of relationship that I have with my friend.
    Throughout the time that my friend and I have known each other and although we may not have been able to communicate as easily during certain times in our lives. Not once have we lost our love for each other or the certain and constant reassurance that we will protect each other and not once have we lost our ability to pick up from where we started. This is how I show my love and dedication to my dear friend and how I thank them for sharing so many wonderful memories with me and for being such an amazing friend to me. This is how I thank them for loving and accepting me as I am, for being such a light and joy in my life, for listening to me and offering me advice when I needed it the most and for being such a strong presence for me during some of my worst moments.

    Not only was the anime a significant choice but the song as well because when I first heard it, I was reminded of how my friend has always been there to reassure me that I can get up and start again and I just really wanted to reassure them of the same from my heart.

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