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  • Member: Mol
  • Studio: Dream Fall
  • Title: Plot Hole
  • Premiered: 2015-09-14
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  • Song:
    • Royal Republic Full Steam Space Machine
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    Well... I hear this song and got inspired, pretty much my biggest ideas was for ending more or less and some reference to star wars :P. Rest of this video was born on the fly, so theres plenty of weird and questionable decisons. I think i enjoy editing like this the most , when plan isn't for 100% of vid and just roll around few ideas.
    I kinda noticed a bit too late that this song is super fast , and well im not a good editor when it comes to fast paced songs so i took me around 3 weeks to just get some sync done (it still could use some fixes, but i don't think i have time since it's for contest) It has it's flaws (some better or worse lipsync for example). But i enjoyed myself while making it so what the hell, why not.

    Some taco hunter vids drove me to this anime pick partly... i want my tacos back!
    ..or do i?

    Its pretty random but contains 3-maybe 4 mini-stories

    Timeframe:One month

    Thx for betas: Schen, Wyspa, Kain-x-spirits, TritioAFB

    /goes back to job hunting...

    Tacos were delivered. Job is here too for time being. Welp. now to find motivation for yet another one.

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