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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Scrumtrulescent Smorgasbord
  • Premiered: 2015-09-05
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    • Duelle & CiRRO Your Addiction (Culture Code Remix)
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  • Comments: -Winner: Best Fun/Upbeat at Nan Desu Kan 2015-'s my first new vid for 2015. It's definitely not what I expected to edit this year, but it was so smooth to edit that it seemed I was destined to make this AMV. The idea for this video came about when I was reading through the synopsis for some new anime to watch and the concept of this show sounded too silly to be real. After watching it and seeing the insane animation of the eating scenes, Radical_Yue and I turned to one another and said "Someone needs to make a video to this show...using hardcore dubstep." I jokingly headed upstairs to my computer to look for a song, and no more than ten minutes later I had found a song. It was a perfect fit for the idea, so I watched the show and began editing. From the first hour I opened premiere, the sync and flow of this video came so smoothly that again, it felt like this video willed itself into existence through me. The end product was very fun and entertaining to edit. I swear to get back to making serious videos eventually...but these types of AMVs are just too fun to edit.

    (Oh, and this is one of my favorite titles for an AMV I've made. If you don't know the definition of "Scrumtrulescent", then please look it up on urban dictionary and have a laugh.)

    Thanks to all my studio mates, friends, and audience members who gave me such great support when premiering the video at NDK 2015. I hope that everyone enjoys the awkward fun that is this AMV!

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