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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Boom Clap Panic
  • Premiered: 2015-08-28
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  • Song:
    • Cimorelli Boom Clap
  • Anime:
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    Full Metal Panic! is my life. It is the Anime/Manga franchise dearest to me. If you asked me to pick out one franchise to survive and all others being destroyed i wouldn't even blink with an eye. Being so important to me also means that i'm not trying to mess with it. I like a good FMP AMV like everyone else. But the idea has to be great in my eyes to make me actually do it. I'm not saying that you will love this AMV. All i'm saying is i love this AMV.

    I had the idea to this AMV when traveling to New Zealand last christmas. While there i downloaded a bunch of music. I first heard this song in some commercial or so and was intrigued. I downloaded three different versions over some dubious channels. It was only later that i found out the version i liked the most was a cover by Cimorelli and not the original. Poor Charli XCX.

    So i planned on doing this AMV ever since January 2015. I had a vague idea of what it should be. But i always pushed it back because "too much work" and "bad visual quality". Until 3 days ago when I stopped crying and did it anyway. And here it is. Enjoy!

    - Sony Vegas 13
    - Adobe Photoshop CS6
    - VirtualDub
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Special thanks to my betatesters:
    MystykAMV, GuntherAMVs

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