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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: For The Team
  • Premiered: 2015-08-24
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    • Guy Sebastian Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)
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    So, I watched Free! for the plot.

    I'm totally serious about that. :P

    While the manmeat aspect of the anime is nice and all, I actually enjoy sports anime quite a bit. I don't watch a ton since quite a few franchises now span many YEARS but I've adored the ones I have seen.

    Free! was a show I originally decided to check out on a whim. It had been out for about a year at that point and all I had seen were super duper gay videos (I don't say that as a bad thing). It was actually one of these super duper gay videos that made me want to watch, "You Wanna?" by Mamo!. It's a super fun video and I felt like watching something to put me in a good mood. I finished season 1 in about a week and while it wasn't the best show ever it left me in a good mood and a feeling of "that was fun times." so I was quite pleased with it. Season 2 was actually just about to come out but I don't like watching anime as they air so I put that out of my mind.

    Flash forward about a year and I find this song in my subscriptions. It was actually a reupload of a song that had apparently been posted quite a while ago but I totally missed it the first time around. It gave me the same kind of feels that I had when I watched Free! so I thought I should check out Season 2 and maybe an idea would pan out.
    What I had heard about season 2 wasn't the best though. Everyone talks about how they didn't like the characters, the plot, etc. so I was a bit wary going into it. According to the majority of the internet, season 2 is horrid with the exception of the editing credits with Cop Rin thrusting. >>
    But by episode 3 I was hooked. Season 1 was happy fun times with a bit of backstory and some swimming but Season 2 is a sports anime. The characters all push themselves and grow to become better than when they started as opposed to learning lessons they promptly forget the next episode, rivals of equal skill are introduced to create a new challenge while building on the original, and the overall story is one of figuring out who you really are as a person and fighting for what is important to you. I genuinely enjoyed it and actually cried when it was all over. Yeah, I'm a big softy and anime makes me cry :P Wanna fight about it?

    But yeah, the editing in this video isn't anything crazy special and I was able to edit it pretty quickly since everything just kind of fell into place exactly how I wanted. While the manmeat is great, I adored Free! for it's characters and their dedication to the team and their goals.

    Story wise (is there a story? I don't know anymore) it's basically friends who aren't friends anymore but then they decide to get the band back together minus Red HairMcGoo. Red HairMcGoo sees that he misses it, joins them for an epic swim and then is frenz again. Then it finishes off with the new team doing their thang.

    Soooo... Yue made another AMV. 2 in 1 year? I must be dying or something. Crap.

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