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  • Member: tayuyagirl
  • Title: Blood Money
  • Premiered: 2015-07-12
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    • Gotye Smoke and Mirrors
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  • Comments: Made for Project Org Editor Round 1. The theme was "Virtues of the Gods" where we had to edit a video based on the virtues of an Olympian god. I chose Hermes, with the virtues of commerce and thievery. I placed 10th out of 22 for this round (I think), which is better than I expected so I'm satisfied.
    It usually takes me around 4 months to edit a video, so a big part of why I chose to enter POE was to challenge myself to edit faster. Each round has to be done in a week, and boy did I have trouble. I ended up dropping out of POE in the end because I'm just not built for this kind of speed editing, but hopefully next year goes better for me.

    This is the "corrected" version--which I use loosely. I wanted to take the judges comments into account, and fix up any personal gripes I had with the video, but it just turned out to be too much effort I wasn't willing to put in. This video needed an overhaul to make it not-mediocre and I'd rather spend the time needed for that working on new projects.In the end I only tweaked some small mistakes and switched out some minor scenes.

    And added credits.

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