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  • Member: AngelDragoon
  • Title: Lepidoptera
  • Premiered: 2015-01-30
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    • Fever Ray If I Had A Heart
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  • Comments: "Life itself is only a vision. A dream. Nothing exists save empty space and you, and you are but a thought." --The Mysterious Stranger, The Adventures of Mark Twain

    Based on the basic concepts of the 14th century poem "Inferno", this is the story of a man who is chased into the depths of Hell and must find his way out...One way or another.

    While I've never made much of a horror video before, I wanted to try something different for this contest. This particular idea seemed rather intriguing and fun to make, and so this was the result."

    I just want to point out that "Divine Comedy", which is what "Inferno" is a part of, was meant to be political satire of its day. It's not as much religious as it is a statement for how the author felt about certain political figures and the actions of others. For those who don't know what Dante's "Inferno" is or don't remember how it went, here's the wiki page to read up on it: For those that don't want to read all that, here's a synopsis of the video.

    -Dude gets chased into hell by a she-beast.
    -1st/2nd levels: Limbo and Lust, where he meets someone that will help guide him.
    -3rd/4th levels: Gluttony and Greed. Cold rains, people's heads in the ground, etc. (Kind of glossed over here due to time not the most interesting circles out of everything).
    -5th level: Anger and the river Styx. Moreso went with the river here and making a deal to go onwards.
    -The Walls of Dis: Guarded by an angel before leading into the lower levels, where more aggressive forms of sins are punished.
    -6th/7th circle: Heresy and Violence. Merged these levels as well, or at least had one flow into another rather quickly.
    -7th circle contains three levels - sins against others, sins against oneself, and sins against God. Much to the same idea as in the original poem, people can get lost by being overwhelmed in certain circumstances and believing that it's real, which is what occurs in the very end for the video's protagonist. This then brings in the idea that if you're not a part of 'that world', and you don't believe it can affect you, can it really hurt you, and vice versa.

    To be honest, I'm just glad I finished this thing on time and had the nerve to enter. XD I realize this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but hey. Someone might enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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