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  • Member: TnAdct1
  • Studio: Toon Addict Productions
  • Title: Yonkoma Heaven
  • Premiered: 2015-08-03
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    • Flo Rida feat. Fitz That's What I Like
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    Runner-Up - Saboten Con 2015 (Upbeat/Dance)
    Finalist - Anime USA 2015 (Upbeat)
    Finalist - Anime Los Angeles 2016 (Humor/Fun)
    Winner - Katsucon 2016 Saturday Morning AMV's (Upbeat)

    After finishing up on How Dandy Spent His Summer Vacation, Baby, I started work on a couple other AMV ideas that I had considered doing for some time. Among them was an idea for an AMV that paid homage to "yonkoma" anime (AKA anime titles that are based on manga that utilize the four-panel method), as I've been a fan of these types of shows since the days of Azumanga Daioh.

    Originally, the plan was going to be a more simple video with only five anime titles being used, and the video being set to Harper's Bazaar's cover of "The 59th Street Bridge Song". However, as I prepared for the video, a couple of things happened. First, I did more research on "yonkoma" titles and realized how many titles that I have in my anime collection had their roots as 4koma manga. Second, I learned that the song that appeared in the teaser trailers for the upcoming Peanuts movie, Flo Rida's "That's What I Like", was finally released as part of Flo Rida's latest EP, with me, wanting to download the whole song for some time, buying it on iTunes as soon as I learned about that. While I initially tried to do both projects back-to-back, eventually I found myself more focused on the project that utilized "That's What I Like" (especially when I decided to check out Acchi Kocchi for possible footage and realized the awesomeness that I was missing out from that show by putting it on my backlog), and thus I opted to focus my entire editing attention on this project instead.

    Contrary to the title, editing the AMV was far from heaven, as there were a number of obstacles that I had to deal with:

    1. Masking and Lip Sync. When it comes to editing, this was my first real project in terms of having characters lip sync to the song, and at the same time, I knew that there were going to be a few places where I need to mask mouths in order to avoid lip flaps. Of the obstacles that stood in my way, this was probably the easiest one to handle, as I got the hang of it after the initial edits.

    2. Video Quality. Basically, part of this project consisted of converting the pre-HD anime titles that I was using to widescreen and, if possible, replacing frames that have decombing artefacts (I always make sure to deinterlace footage when needed before incorporating in the the video) with the "clean" frame that either precedes or follows it. However, there are some instances where I had completely drop the idea of using a "pre-HD" source and instead use a more recent title because I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the the SD source (with the two main examples being mentioned in my notes). One thing's for sure: there's been a number of days where most of my focus was geared towards the video quality of one clip (and either fixing it or replacing it with a different clip).

    3. Finding Clips to Fit the Song. When you limit yourself to only using anime that must meet a certain requirement (in this case, it must be based on a manga that tends to utilize the "four-panel" approach), it can be a challenge to find footage that fits either the lyrics or mood of the song, especially when it comes to the chorus (i. e. finding twelve different clips to accompany the line "I like about you"). It can be even harder if either the clip you wanted to use ends up not working for that part of the song or the clip has the aforementioned "video quality" issues that I brought up.

    While I do wish some spots turned out better than I hoped (it has more to do with scene choice than video quality, as it's one thing I have to accept due to source material and novice editing skills, and I think I made some good choices for alternate scenes to replace the "bad quality" ones), I am still satisfied with the final result, with a "cell phone test" (i.e. viewing the video on my cell phone) and Otakon 2015 (one part the amount of great Upbeat videos and ended up in the finals, another part a couple of "beta tests" I did during the weekend) helping me put my mind at ease in terms of any lingering concerns I had with it.


    -Sony Vegas 11
    -SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV
    -VLC Player
    -Adobe Photoshop 7.0


    -Those who beta-tested the video at Otakon 2015.
    -Kireblue, whose criticisms involving the sound quality for How Dandy Spent His Summer Vacation, Baby led to me ensuring that this video (and any future videos that I make) don't have the same sound issues that my previous one had.

    More information about specific parts of the video can be found here:

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