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  • Member: burntoast
  • Title: Flicker
  • Premiered: 2003-07-06
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    • Initial D Sound Files Vol. 1 Admiration
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  • Comments: These days I find myself having no inspiration for making, or rather, finishing videos. I decided to put my procrastinated projects on-hold, and I tried looking for a random vid to make. I thought that this would've put me back into the AMV-creating mood, and it did for the most part. I used my Cowboy Bebop The Movie dvd I had gotten awhile ago, and I looked around for a simple song to use. Eventually I found this Initial D song I had sitting on my hard drive, and it's a short piano piece that I liked for a long time. I thought, "Hey, this would keep my interest for a good minute and a half," so I started and eventually finished this short AMV. It was fun, that's all that mattered to me at the time. I used some eye-catching scenes from Cowboy Bebop The Movie, which I think stood out from other scenes that I could've used. I'm happy that I made this video, even though it's most likely boring and a waste of time to view for some people. Effects I've used consist of mainly fade ins and outs. I don't believe I used anything else, but I must say that the fades may get a little repetitive. I tried changing things around the middle of the vid, although it's too short (the vid) to really notice. The title "Flicker" comes from the flickering lights which look like butterflies in the video. Enjoy, and I don't recommend watching this vid if you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop The Movie already. ;p

    Programs Used:
    Smart Ripper 2.41
    DVD2AVI 1.76
    Avisynth 2.06
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    VirtualDub v.1.4.13

    Codec Used: XviD

    There are no lyrics to this song, it's just piano music. =P

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