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  • Member: LC_Lapen
  • Title: The Seven of Spades
  • Premiered: 2015-07-02
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    • Jake Kaufman Hyper Camelot (Guest Director Boss Battle)
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    Well Met!

    Welcome to my newest action video for 2015: "The Seven of Spades"! The song I used in this video is actually a remix of a background track from the video game "Shovel Knight". It was called "Fighting With All of Our Might" and while that version was vocal-less 8-bit music, this version had some lyrics that matched up pretty well with the recent anime "The Seven Deadly Sins". So in case you were curious about the name... "The Seven" being the 7 main characters in The Seven Deadly Sins and "Spades" being another term for shovel, the weapon of choice and half of the title of the game where the music originated from.

    So please enjoy this short little project, and thank you!

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