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  • Member: Esc
  • Studio: Tired Sun
  • Title: Wings of Devotion
  • Premiered: 2003-07-05
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Dolphin Wings
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my first work.
    I know, nobody is going to see it. :-) Because there are tons of guys like me. Unless I become famous. Then y'all be like "oh, man, this is his first video, check it out!" So I'm putting this link here just in case for that special occasion.
    It's not like this video is bad or something. I think it's really good. Now awesome but interesting at least. I tried to create an alternative storyline here. So there is a chance you might enjoy it.
    The song is in Russian. Widen your horizons, it's fun!
    You will not understand lyrics (unless you know Russian). It's a pity but it's bearable. Good music video does not require it. I tried to do a good one. Did I succeed?
    Well, I'll give you some hints about the lyrics. Here is the first verse in my humble translation. "Cut my skin under the shoulder-blade.//My two wings languish there.//The air was once more precious to me//than the solid ground under my feet.//Open your eyes -- and I'll burst into them like into the sky//and assemble your tears into a diamond.//And every moment when I wasn't with you//I will redeem with interest."
    People ask what's with the ending. I am gonna make a SPOILER about myself here. Don't read it before watching the video.
    The ending is on purpose. It is unhappy. It is not fair. Maybe this is what I wanted to show in my video. The life is not fair. Life is not Hollywood where everybody lives-happily-ever-after. I think they all died. But again it's not definite. We don't see them dead. So there is a little hope. It is up to you to decide where is the truth. Do you hope?

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