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  • Member: bleachcenter
  • Title: Project Redemption [Bleach/Zetsuen no Tempest AMV]
  • Premiered: 2015-06-29
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    • Nick Murray (Xtortion Audio) Aeon
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  • Comments: This was a nightmare to make. There are some mistakes (stupid logo) I can't fix without going though hours on end (due to some scenes, rendering issues and me having 10 different project files for Vegas, another 6 for AE and goodness knows how many from photoshop), so please sort of forgive that. T_T

    Story is basically straightforward. (I hope).

    Ichigo lost Aika because he was too weak. Rukia turns up and gives him the power to change that. The rest of the Bleach story is the same-ish up until the Fullbring arc. Then we find that Ginjo is the one that murdered Aika but Ichigo couldn't do anything at the time to get revenge. Now, thanks to Rukia, he can. The end is a reference to the speech she tells him earlier [she says the same thing as in the canon material, but this time in reference to Aika instead of his mom].

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