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  • Member: Brakus
  • Title: Tiger Swift
  • Premiered: 2015-07-17
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    • Taylor Swift Shake It Off
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  • Comments: Well, here's my newest AMV in 2 years. Missed out on one last year due to life events and all.

    I was inspired by an MMD video that had Tiger & Bunny dancing.... I decided to do a fun video of everyone's favorite moe oyaji, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. The song's quite fitting, too - after all these years and all the ups and downs of what life has thrown at him, he seems to just "shake it off" without much problem. I'll have a more substantial description of the video once it premieres in July 2015.

    This video was submitted primarily for consideration into Otakon's AMV contest in 2015. It made its debut at Anime Evolution 2015, one week before Otakon.

    This video also uses the "Mega Jam edit" of the song, which shortens the first verse, shortens the choruses (removing the "Heartbreakers gonna break" lines), and the interlude before the bridge ("My ex man showed his new girlfriend..."), and shortens the ending as well.

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