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  • Member: Hirou Keimou
  • Title: afraid/inner conflict
  • Premiered: 2015-06-08
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    • Hoobastank Running away
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  • Comments: Studio: Fragile Line Studios.

    This video is slightly based on the light novel.

    In the light novel, once Sachi died, Kirito didn't accept joining new Guilds because of his failure in the Moonlit Black Cats. That is, until he continuously partying with Asuna because she forced him to. Once he discovered his feelings for her, he finally discovered he could move on & this had been Sachi's final wish for Kirito. Of course, Asuna died & Kirito relived his horror. This can also be viewed as Asuna desiring for Kirito overcoming his horrors & moving on in life because she loves & will do anything for him.

    Ok, this one has been in an on/off state of completion since 2013 (& I'd still been a member of VirtualOnlineStudios in the beginning). It's a simple video dedicated to my all-time favorite arc of SAO, Aincrad. You'll be asking "if it's so simple, why so long for completion?" It's like this: SAO is my obsession & all-time favorite anime for this arc alone!, & so I'm super duper particular about editing it. If I can, I choose not half-assing SAO videos. Don't like that; I don't care. I'll be in the Quickening (Org contest) this year, so I really wanted this to be my final "real upload" until it's over.

    Special thanks to Eme for reasons she'll likely notice LOL.

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