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  • Member: dazza1008
  • Title: [MMD FNAF] The Monster - Eminem Rihanna [DLs]
  • Premiered: 2015-05-15
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    • Eminem feat Rihanna The Monster
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  • Comments: Well, this was meant to be a short fun break, but took a liiitttle bit longer. ^^; The model used is Phone Guy, but in my mind, Mike Schmidt, Phone Guy and Purple Guy are all the same. As in, Mike murdered those, but is wracked with guilt, so is imagining the animatronics trying to kill him. Purple Guy is represented as his dark side. The animatronics' movements are all Mike Schmidt's (as opposed to Purple Guy's movements).
    Effects like fading were created because I produced two footages from MMD - one with only Mike Schmidt and the standing animatronics, and the other with luminous moving animatronics and Purple Guy. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3


    animatronics MMDSatoshi i6nis
    Purple Guy by luckygirl88
    Phone Guy by Rymoka

    ObjectLuminous (for the animatronics, set to 10% width and strength)
    ObjectLuminousAG (objectluminousafterglow)

    Fazbear's Family Pizza
    (but I used a screenshot in SFM, then loaded it as a background pic in MMD)

    'The Monster' Eminem Rihanna
    Motion video distribution: sm24982415
    Motion DL- (which I got from this vid )
    WAV - (which I got from this vid )

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