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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Collide
  • Premiered: 2015-04-27
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    • Manufactured Superstars Ft. Danni Rouge Like Satellites
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    Funtime back story yay~
    So basically I had this song and I really wanted to make a video to it. I showed it to Kisanzi and he said I should check out Waiting In The Summer because even though he hadn't seen it yet he thought it would work. I watched it, it gave me all the feels, and I made this video.
    Back story over. 1/10, would not read again.

    But seriously, I ended up absolutely falling in love with the show. The characters were phenomenal, the story tugged at my heart place, and even now I wish there was more.
    This video was actually started about a year ago but was pushed back due to a pretty nasty worker's comp injury that ruined my life for a while and the fact that there wasn't enough footage to work with and I really needed the OVA which wasn't coming out for quite a long time. That second part also ruined my life for a while.

    The editing isn't anything super special, just the basic stuff I'm known for but a bit more zoomy. :p Also I had to try and find a way to work in the alien stuff. Fuck that alien stuff. I need more beach scenes and boob sync.

    Either way, I really hope more people check out the show because even as I scrubbed through footage and cursed the gods because I was failing miserably while attempting to edit, I still couldn't bring myself to drop the video because I freakin' loved the source (and this song) so damn much.

    So yeah. Yue made a video. Massive, massive thanks to Kisanzi and Aerialesque for their beta testing and feedback. You guys are pretty cool.

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