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  • Members: MetalGearRexMGS, CKKcanolope
  • Studio: Anthology Productions
  • Title: Living for the Dream
  • Premiered: 2003-06-25
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    • Harry Gregson Williams & Yamane Mai MGS2 Main Theme & Blue
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  • Comments: Here it is, the pride of me and my brother's video making career (for now). The quality could be better, but if you can get over that its still a great video with rocking music.

    Title: Living for the Dream
    Song: MGS2 Main Theme
    Duration: about 6 min
    File Size: 10.6 mb
    Description: The video is mainly the last episode of Cowboy Bebop re-imagined with a few flash packs to Spike's past. It has Spike infultrating the Red Dragon HQ, remembering his past life, fighting the swarms of guards, meeting Lin (or Shin, not sure), remembering when he saw Julia again in the graveyard, fighting his way up to Vicious' chamber, thinking back to when Julia was killed, and finally confronting his past once and for all in an epic duel the Vicious.

    It's a great video with very nice symbolism, if you like Cowboy Bebop or just like AMV's, this is defenitly worth your time.

    Quality - 8/10 Story - 10/10 Action - 9/10

    Overall Score - 9/10

    NOTE: The High-Quality version is now up for download! Get it now...

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