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  • Member: PeacefulSymphony
  • Title: [汚し愛] Defiled Love
  • Premiered: 2015-04-13
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    • Dir En Grey Glass Skin
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  • Comments: I think that quite a lot of my friends know how obsessed I am with Japanese rock music and as soon as I got back into liking it again, 'Glass Skin' easily became one of my favourite songs and it would simply not get out of my head! XD ^*^ Because I love the song so much I just felt that I had to edit to it and for a while I also had been wanting to make a Madoka AMV with the 3rd movie and I am so glad that I finally did since Madoka is one of my favourite animes. I think about 3 years ago I made an AMV with a Japanese song and I recall struggling to edit the AMV because the way I interpreted the song and its message was too technical and I prevented myself from conveying the overall emotional feeling of the song with my editing. I feel that with this AMV I was able to really let go of that type of technicality and just enjoy editing to the music and I developed my own interpretation of the song so that I didn't have to worry about whether or not the way I edited was accurate to the music's message.

    For me, 'Glass Skin' has a very slow and melancholic feeling to it and that is one of the reasons why in the AMV I let some clips just play out as they were (without constant transitions breaking up the movement of the clips) and I did this in order to convey the slowness of the music. I also feel that the song has a kind of awareness about it like, the singer seems to be aware of everything that they describe in the lyrics is occurring around them but they only become aware the events in a very slow realisation.
    I also came up with the title, "Defiled Love" from seeing the word "defile" in one of the english translations of the song and the relationship between Madoka and Homura in the 3rd movie made me think of how even though the love each other dearly, their love is imperfect because either one of them will have to sacrifice themselves to keep the other save. Also because of Homura's want to prevent Madoka from experiencing pain from being a magical girl she turns into a demon in order to rewrite the laws of the world and to keep Madoka happy and safe. I am just such a sucker for Homura's angst!! *___* ;AA;

    Thank you so much to Moo, Fop, Stella, Lydia, Carlie and Toya who all contributed and helped me so much in finishing this AMV!! ^*^ :DD c:

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