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  • Member: BreathOfCrimson
  • Title: [PS] のけ者 DiSaSTeR
  • Premiered: 2015-01-30
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    • Lacuna Coil upside down
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  • Comments: [PS] のけ者 (Pariah Studios)

    This started out as an 4-5 day IC with 'ICWithMe' and group, but I enjoyed it so much I continued it even after the end :') I only got to about :50 before time ran out in the IC.

    I had so many issues while doing this (disable re-sample kept switching back on a few clips so I had to keep manually checking them DX and then as soon as I was finished, my clips looked too dark so I had to fix that too DX ugh.....

    But I had fun :') and this is one of my favorite series of all time so that just made it better :'D

    ps. I finally got to use my new opening :"DD so happy.




    I edit things for people to enjoy, not to be critiqued over every tiny thing. I've been a part of the AMV community long enough to know how people (even people who don't actually edit) like to tear apart every inch of a video and compare it to every other video they've seen in the past. My edits aren't for that.

    While I appreciate constructive critique when it's given- I'd rather ask for it first. So please, enjoy my videos and if you don't- don't watch them :")

    Thank you,


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