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  • Member: BishounenStalker
  • Studio: Tornado Studios
  • Title: Mugiwara no Evangelion
  • Premiered: 2003-07-04
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    • Hiroshi Kishidani (One Piece soundtrack) Mugiwara no Jolly Roger
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  • Comments: Yes! My fourth AMV! Dance/Fun this time. This vid could be classified as the spawn of the One Piece soundtrack, X-treme Caffeine Candy, countless gallons of espresso roast, and my goal of giving j-pop the respect it's sorely lacking in AMVs.

    Why "Mugiwara no Jolly Roger"? Because it's everything Eva isn't. Happy, upbeat, and swingy. When I first heard it, I kept thinking of scenes from "A Chorus Line" (top-hat-and-tails kind of stuff). Then I downed a pot of espresso and re-watched Death and Rebirth. And voila! Inspiration hit!

    Timing for this video was crucial, being a semi-dance video. And especially since "Mugiwara no Jolly Roger" has a really odd rhythm. In fact, to help me get through some parts of it, I actually got up and danced to the song myself (or at least pictured select characters in a Broadway revue....)

    Progression of scenes was difficult, too, and required a strange sort of organization. It makes logical sense to me, but considering I don't make logical sense to most people I know, it's hard to judge how easy it is for complete strangers to follow.

    The underlying narrative is a simplified and comedic analysis of Shinji's mind and motives. In the beginning, he's getting beaten-down/burned/scolded/yelled at by the other characters. In the first chorus, Unit 01 saves the day (with assorted help). The instrumental is a somewhat comical look at Gendo's influence (how he's only happy when Unit 01's gone berserk) of being the Worst Father in the History of Anime, and the second verse picks up with Shinji getting much better treated by the other characters because he's an Eva pilot. The second chorus and coda is his revenge on Gendo for his lousy parenting by foiling the Instrumentality Project, and a combination of the movie and TV series endings. Basically, Shinji destroys the existing world and creates a completely new (and much happier) one.

    Scene selection was based primarily on movement. I tried to pick scenes that, backed by the music, would look as though the Evas (and assorted characters) were dancing (or being bullied into dancing in some cases) rather than beating the crap out of things (plus Unit 03's stretchy-strangling maneuver as terribly twisted nod to One Piece's Luffy himself). It gave way to constant second guessing, which is the core of why this video took so long to make (over a month of production from start to finish). I suppose another part of it was that after editing the end, I scrapped the establishing shots I'd done for the opening and replaced them with the string quartet scenes. It came out a LOT better, made the video seem more structured.

    I took the liberty of exploring Premiere's options and modifying some of the scenes to fit the narrative, as well as very liberal use of the Horizontal Flip. The clips of what's supposed to be Unit 02 ripping apart the Eva Series in the second chorus have been altered with Color Replace to turn Unit 02 purple, thus making it look from those faraway split-second shots like Unit 01 was doing the job.

    The scene of Unit 01 battling Unit 03 in the first chorus was also fixed with Color Balance so it wouldn't look so out of place in that particular sequence. The switch from night scenes to a sunset lighting was a little jarring, and I wanted it to flow better.

    One thing I decided to do was exclude the infamous "Ballet Battle" from episode 9 of the TV series. For one thing, it's a pain in the rear to mix widescreen and fullscreen source (damn Manga Video!). For another, it's more of a challenge to edit scenes that weren't meant to be dancing into dancing sequences. Let's just say using episode 9 would've been too easy a move.

    There aren't many technical flaws I don't think, since I opted for the Death and Rebirth and End of Eva DVDs and followed the guides to the letter using the MJPEG method, and IVTC for deinterlacing. It's amazing what you can trick Premiere into doing with an AviSynth script. As one of my friends put it, "AviSynth is the whipping pole for making Premiere your b***h."

    Little note: The title screen is a Photoshop manipulation by yours truly, since the title translates to "Evangelion with the straw hat" ^_^

    I guess that's enough outta me. Enjoy! And drop an opinion!

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