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  • Member: Razorsone
  • Studio: Bikki Inky Girl
  • Title: Sleeping Matrix
  • Premiered: 2003-07-04
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  • Song:
    • Metallica Until It Sleeps
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Anime : Animatrix
    Song : Metallic - Until it sleeps
    Lenght : 4:29

    This video was done to show both sides of the animatrix story, the matrix robots and the humans.
    So the video is done in 2 halfs(mainly shown in the chours). The first half of the song is the way it is to the matrix robots. How they see that we are the evil, we won't let them live. We tear them open pour them everywhere We hate them and dirty the world. And that until we sleep will the world be good.

    The other half shows that to us they are the dirty. they hate us. So the only way is to destory them as they tear us open..
    So it shows the endless back and forth war and onslaught on the world of man vs it's own creation. and until we both sleep will it ever end.

    I used all 9 eps in this video It's done mostly to lyric sync. So it makes it more powerful.

    I'd be happy to commont on any of your videos if you comment on mine..

    u can try and contact me on aim through : Razorsone and i'll send it that way if i can. if this doesn't work.

    There is very little digital affects in this. just in the solo really.

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