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  • Member: PeacefulSymphony
  • Title: [充分に] You've been through enough.
  • Premiered: 2015-01-08
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    • Sigur Rós IIIgresi
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  • Comments: Ever since I finished the Evangelion series I wanted to create a smallish AMV as an attempted tribute to Asuka. She really is one of my most favourite characters and I am able to relate to her in more ways than one by feeling like she has to constantly put up a front and she can't accept herself if she fails as an Evangelion pilot, to her wanting to bury her painful past right down until it can't effect her anymore and to her being abrasive towards people to prevent herself from getting hurt. There are differences between her and I but, she is one of the few characters I am able to relate to the most.

    I first tried to edit this AMV to a Japanese song (since I thought the song could fit Asuka's story) but, I realised that I wasn't going to be able to enjoying editing to it since I knew I was taking the lyrics too literally and I was not interpreting them freely like I would have preferred. Realising this I was not inspired to carry on with the project until I came across the song used in the AMV and realised how much it spoke to me despite the words not being in English or any technical language at all since they are sung in gibberish vocals. Not knowing exactly what the lyrics meant and just being able to simple edit them freely and however I interpreted their meaning just gave me such a sense of relief and comfort that I really felt confident while editing the AMV. ^^ Plus, I love the band so editing to one of their songs was such a treat! :)

    I edited this AMV in about 3 days and it feels like it's been ages since I edited a video so quickly or so simply and I just edited out however I was feeling, (there are a lot of emotions in this video although they may not be obvious, every still or moving clip has a purpose in the video) or without any worries about technicalities. Which became such a relief since, I realised that all I wanted to do was let out my emotions in the video along with a song that provided such a sense of comfort and that wasn't difficult to connect to.

    Although I have been feeling okay lately, I have been feeling a lot of inner thoughts that have been weighing me down.
    Anxiety, fear of the past, feeling like I could be replaced, bottling my feelings up so that I appear stronger, constant wonder, having to face the future and my past self and mostly just feeling like I am lonely or that I hate myself - these are mostly the emotions that appear in the video and that I wanted to get across. This video isn't perfect but, despite its flaws (which I only see three of in my eyes) I am able to feel the emotion in it what I wanted to portray when I play it back and watch it.

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