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  • Member: Hirou Keimou
  • Title: Flower of Grief
  • Premiered: 2015-01-11
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    • Jenni Vartiainen Suru On Kunniavieras
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  • Comments: This is not intended for those who did not see this series. This will majorly spoil events transpiring throughout its run (even if it is getting a second season). If you choose to avoid this warning, read on.
    English lyrics are presented in the bottom left-hand corner (soft sub).

    This is the song that I believe is a match for Izaya.
    Even if a character wishes to avoid running into Izaya, he will find you. And in his path, he'll spread misery if only to amuse himself and achieve his goal. Those who come across him will eventually come to loathe him. His number of enemies will increase or be eliminated all by his game. In the end, he will be victorious (or so he believes), and become a God.

    In the anime/novel, Izaya's one goal is create a war in Ikebukuro in order to awaken Celty's head and go to Valhalla (or in essence become a God). To do this (and also for fun), Izaya creates misery in people, enforcing those around him to move in his expected course to obtain his final goal. He does this all from afar (in the background - at times in a trolling fashion) and will observe it, claiming to love all of humanity. In the end, everyone he meets will become a victim of his game.

    In essence, Izaya is "grief," and if it comes knocking, do not turn him aside or he'll ruin your life for eternity. If you don't turn him aside, he'll still infect your life until you lose your mind. Those who become his victims are "flowers" and will eventually wilt once useless to him.

    Technical Details:
    Start Date: December 24, 2014
    Finish Date: January 11, 2015

    Programs: SV13, AE CS6 & Photoshop CS6 (card intro only), Audacity, Zarx264gui
    Beta-testers: Eme (iEmelien), Teresa (xtonina1981)

    Subtitles: Soft-sub (on download), Hardsub (on YouTube)
    Format Profile: MKV (X264 Video, 192kbps AAC Audio, .ASS Subtitles)

    Originally chosen to be a convention submission but I changed my mind. I'll likely enter it still; but I don't know, because the convention is in May.

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