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  • Title: Coping Mechanism
  • Premiered: 2014-12-23
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    • Tove Lo Stay High (Habits Remix)
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    The term coping mechanism is basically anything a person does to cope or deal with any type of stress they may have, whether they realize they're doing it or not. The video touches on several characters who seem to be doing this within the anime's plot, especially in FLCL. The general coping mechanism implied by the song and how I worked around that is getting high on recreational drugs.

    The song is a remix version of a pop song called Habits (which gives more of a lyrical understanding). The remix is really just about 2 minutes long and then it repeats itself.. one reason why I decided to make 2 separate parts each using its own anime + the Good morning short used on the beginning and end.

    The effects used seems pretty minimal but I definitely used some subtle effect tricks in there that made it look alot better than it would have otherwise.. maybe I'll provide a "before and after" look in the future.

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