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  • Member: TwilightChrono
  • Studio: Vantype Studios
  • Title: End Game
  • Premiered: 2014-11-24
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  • Song:
    • Varien & SirensCeol Moonlight (Ft. Aloma Steele)
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  • Comments: The spiritual successor to Encore. Looking back, I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted to with Encore. I didn't really tell the story that I had envisioned and focused mainly on the action.

    With this iteration, I took in several factors while editing this AMV.

    I wanted to showcase my love for my most loved anime franchise of all time. Meaning, I needed to find a song that would allow me to showcase the editing I was most comfortable with.

    I'm a sucker for love stories but have a strong effinity for action editing. The conclusion I came to was that I needed to combine drama and action for the best results possible.

    So I searched and searched for a song that would allow me the best of both worlds. Realizing that I just started listening to a bunch of MonserCat EP's, I scoured the songs till I came
    across this one. Above all, it was in my favorites.

    It had just the right amount of me in it. Especially for the video I wanted to edit.

    ABOVE ALL, I wanted to showcase Haseo's Emotion. The love he had for Shino and how he became twisted and driven insane as he lusted for power strong enough to kill the A.I. that put Shino into a

    To showcase the lengths one would go through to get back the one you love at ANY cost. I feel I have portrayed that here. I wanted to portray the true essence of Haseo's character in this
    video. The love for Shino and the Absolute HATE for Tri-Edge. I can't drive the word HATE home enough. As it tends to be a central theme to Haseo's character if you pay attention to the latter
    part of the anime. That AND Sarcasm/Sinicism.

    I hope you guys enjoy what was supposed to be Encore 2 but turned into a tribute for my most beloved franchise of all time. In all respects, this is Encore 2, but just turned into something
    very special to me.

    I was able to tell far more story with this one and for some reason I feel this is by far the best .Hack AMV I have ever put out. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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