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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: A New Beginning
  • Premiered: 2014-11-15
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    • MEGANLEE(메건리) (Feat.YONG JUNHYUNG(용준형) of BEAST) 8dayz - Edited with the English and Korean Version (Edited )
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  • Comments: Nishicon 2014 - Viewers Choice 1st place

    It has been while since I've edit a AMV for a Competition.
    But I really missed the editing so I decided to join once more again this year for a Anime convention.

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    I always wanted to edit a AMV focused on Kobato. This anime wasn't really popular back in 2010 when it came out. And I won't forget what MarikoAMV said to me that Kobato wasn't never used as single anime in a AMV they were a few AMV edited back then but not so much as the mainstream animes from 2010. So I still keep that back in 2010 and after 4 years to edit a AMV of it. I also like to thank Kaj Schulten for his Abunai! 2014 AMV entry which it gave me a lot of inspiration but also a great example to edit a AMV but using nothing much as effects which I also want to go back to the normal style of editing. So special thanks to him.

    The concept is about 8dayz that is as well to having a good day day after day since its a Country Music I want to combine the traditional and modern style of music with some guitar and rock.

    At the 15th of november 2014 there was a AMV competition by a convention called Nishicon at Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) I already participate the contest twice already back in 2011 and this year.

    This year they had 9 submissions which it was less then last year but still it was a great overall competition which lots of diversity and genres. We all 9 AMV editors did our best to entertain the public. After the contest I didn't expect to win the competition because I was thinking my song choice wasn't a much appreciate genre Country music. But the public liked it and I like to thank the public for appreciate my AMV.

    Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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