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  • Member: JadeCharm
  • Title: Wildfire
  • Premiered: 2014-10-10
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    • tinie tempah Someday (Place In The Sun)
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    About the project:
    In january 2014 I started this project after I totally fell in love with the song! It has been a long time since I last started editing because I really loved a song and wanted to see it in good combination with the right anime. I also wanted to edit with SAO (the Aincrad-part...everything else sucks) someday and so I took the chance.
    It was a lot of fun working with this although it was very hard sometimes. I wanted to find the perfect scenes for every part of the song. That means I looked through every episode at least 20times and changed some parts on the timeline at least 100times lol
    Seriously...the amv was a lot more work than it looks! The time I was busy with scene selection others would have built a whole fancy FX-video....and thats why it took this long for me to finish it - at least I decided to put an end to it now. I could have spent even more time with it but that wouldn't make it any better.

    About the video:
    Simple story. I tried to fokus on Kirito and his feelings about saving the other players. He should look desperate and without much hope but always fighting to save others. That was the most difficult thing: not to use any scenes where he looks like he is having fun or something :D

    Hope you can enjoy!
    Special thanks to Kiriforce!

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