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  • Member: hamstar138
  • Title: Home To Your Heart
  • Premiered: 2014-09-26
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    • Bryan Rice Homeless Heart
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    I've been wanting to edit to this song for a long time. Only until i saw One Week Friends did I think the song could work with the song. I started this AMV when the last four episodes of the show didn't air yet so I worked slowly week after week while the episodes were airing.

    Anyway this AMV is about trust and support. It's not easy to trust people especially people who say they want to help you even when you don't know them that well. This is what i try to convey with this video. That someone who always feels so lonely learns to trust a person who chooses to be beside her. While slowly the person beside her starts to fall in love with them.

    I hope you enjoy this AMV.

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